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When it comes to the quality of wallpaper, environmental protection is always an important criterion. When consumers select the wallpaper, they always deliberately ask the environmental protection of wallpapers specifically,which has a great relationship with the improvement of  modern people treating their own health concerns.

"Life, Aesthetics, home" is the main concept that HANMERO promotes.We want to involve the aesthetic into each home, as well as everyone's life. And the basis of the aesthetic establishment is not unhealthy wallpaper but non-polluting, non-toxic environmental protection wallpaper is in line with the quality of modern life.


The lifetime of current wallpaper is generally 5-8 years because the quality of the wallpaper itself has no problem but just with the legs of time, the color of the wallpaper surface will slowly fade. About the environmental protection of wallpaper,it shows the following parts:

1. The process of the current wallpaper is much better than before and the ink we HANMERO use is now water-based ink instead of oily ink.

 Water based ink ()                               Oily ink (×)

2. In fact, The harmful chemical substances in wallpaper surface have been completely volatile throught high temperature.



3. All kind of HANMERO wallpaper has been passed SGS, CE, REACH and ISO environmetal test.


HANMERO Wallpaper uses a complete assortment of environmental sites and can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, background walls, children's rooms, walkways, vestibule, study and business establishments. In addition, its wallpaper style is diverse so it is very suitable for a variety of different decorative rooms, such as the Mediterranean style, simple modern style, European pastoral style, simple Japanese style, etc., to improve the home decorative taste. In addition, HANMERO wallpaper patterns are pretty rich and fruitful. We has simple lines, warm floral, literary youth, fun candy and funny cartoon patterns, etc., which can meet the needs of different groups. 

HANMERO use environmental material,which is environmentally friendly low-carbon materials for  ideal home improvement. And,we  use nvironmental protection ink pigment to print so our wallpaper has rich and strong color; the wallpaper also uses high-temperature distillation process and three-layer antibacterial structure to realize formaldehyde-free and anti-bacterial mold basically,which can optimize the living environment and protect family health. HANMERO also aim at children design. The color kids wallpaper is soft and stereo,also absorbent and moistureproof.

The environmetal wallpaper is not enough for home decorative but the environmental wallpaper accessories are also important. Our wallpaper glue is environmetal and harmless as well.It is made from grain starch that can be eaten directly.


Only the original auxiliary materials and construction methods are both environmentally friendly products can our wallpaper products be called the healthy products to our customers.


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