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Hanmero customizable sandwich wall panel production line

Hanmero customizable sandwich wall panel production line

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We offer complete production equipment, machinery, production technology, and on-site installation and training services to assist you in establishing your own plant in your local area.

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With the Hanmero sandwich wall panel production line and our expert technical support, you can manufacture various kinds of panels such as EPS sandwich wall panel, Ceramicist sandwich wall panel, Perlite sandwich wall panel, Solid EPS sandwich wall panel, Solid ceramicist sandwich wall panel, Solid perlite sandwich wall panel, etc. Additionally, you can use locally available materials to produce even more types of panels.

1. Our production line is automatically controlled by a Siemens PLC Controller.

2. The vertical mold car can move automatically.

3. Our rail transfer system is remote-controlled.

4. We use a 3m3 large-capacity mixer instead of a mixer with a capacity of only 0.75m3, which can save time for both mixing and pouring.

5. Our wall panel machine can produce wall panels with board (calcium silicate board or fiber cement board) or without board.


We can provide a complete set of machinery, including quick-wear parts, as well as on-site installation and training services. From confirmation to installation, you can have your own factory up and running in just 4-6 months.

Here's the information about our sandwich wall panel production line according to the annual output:

Annual output(m2) Quantity of moulding cars(set) Workers required Production area(m2) Stacking area(m2)
100,000 5 8-13 500 1,000
200,000 8 10-18 600 2,000
300,000 10 12-20 700 3,000
400,000 11 15-23 800 4,000
500,000 12 18-28 900 5,000
600,000 13 22-32 1000 6,000
700,000 14 25-35 1,100 7,000
800,000 15 28-38 1,200 8,000
900,000 16 32-42 1,300 9,000
1,000,000 17 35-46 1,400 10,000

Please note that the actual output and capacity may vary depending on the specific conditions of your production site and the skill level of your workers. We will provide on-site installation and training to ensure that your team is fully equipped to operate the production line and maximize its efficiency.

Main systems of panel machine
1.Foaming system (include boiler, EPS foaming machine);
2.Raw materials storage / measuring / conveying system (include raw materials silo, storage& weighing &measuring hopper, pump, etc.);
3.Mixing system (include mixing machine, electric control system);
Foaming and gating system (include vertical mould car)


Wuhan Hanmero Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, research, development, production, and export of eco-friendly building materials, including wallpapers, custom murals, light weight composite sandwich panel, flexible tiles and related accessories, and ecological energy-saving integrated houses. Established in 2009, the company has its headquarters located in Wuhan City, the hub of nine provinces, with a production base in Hubei Jingshan Economic Development Zone that benefits from convenient transportation.

The company has a professional R&D team, and has collaborated with domestic universities such as Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan Institute of Technology, and Hubei University, to form a perfect management and R&D system. The company holds 28 international trademarks, 12 national patents, and has published 38 papers in professional journals, making it an international leader in the field of building materials.

At Hanmero, design, environmental protection, and quality are the three core concepts. The company is dedicated to serving customers wholeheartedly and promoting eco-friendly and energy-saving products and technologies in both the Chinese and international markets. Hanmero's unique technology and design, integrated with the concept of green ecology, are widely used in the decoration of homes, hotels, offices, schools, and office buildings.  


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