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Hanmero Aseismatic Affordable and Durable Panel Built Perfab Houses

Hanmero Aseismatic Affordable and Durable Panel Built Perfab Houses

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Hanmero Aseismatic Affordable and Durable Panel Built Perfab Houses is a packaged service that integrates the planning and design, material selection, assembly and construction, quality management and after-sales service of the house construction. The roofing system, flooring system and walls are all made of Hanmero environmental panels, which are fast, beautiful, environmentally friendly and durable. The house type and interior decoration can be designed according to the customer's requirements, a complete set of design and installation drawings will be provided, and engineers will be sent to guide the installation and provide turnkey projects for the customer.



Structure& Main materials

Main Material

Steel Structure Wall Body

Wall structure frame

U”shape steel frame

Roof& Ceiling

Steel roof truss


Concrete frame

Roof Panel

Light weight compound sandwich panel

Exterior wall

Light weight compound sandwich panel

Roof tile

Strip slate

Exterior wall decorative board

Imitation brick texture wall


Decorative Mgo board or gypsum board

Interior wall

Light weight compound sandwich panel


Floor lateral support

Round steel or concrete

Interior wall decorative board

Emulsion paint or tile

Floor girder

H” steel

Panel used in kitchen & toilet

Light weight compound sandwich panel

Floor panel

Light weight compound sandwich panel

Corner post

Square tube or concrete

Floor decorative board

Tile or composite wooden floor panel

Wall pillar

Rectangular tube or concrete

Toilet ground tile

Polished tile

 Engineering Projects

Wuhan Hanmero Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, research, development, production, and export of eco-friendly building materials, including wallpapers, custom murals, light weight composite sandwich panel, flexible tiles and related accessories, and ecological energy-saving integrated houses. Established in 2009, the company has its headquarters located in Wuhan City, the hub of nine provinces, with a production base in Hubei Jingshan Economic Development Zone that benefits from convenient transportation.

The company has a professional R&D team, and has collaborated with domestic universities such as Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan Institute of Technology, and Hubei University, to form a perfect management and R&D system. The company holds 28 international trademarks, 12 national patents, and has published 38 papers in professional journals, making it an international leader in the field of building materials.

At Hanmero, design, environmental protection, and quality are the three core concepts. The company is dedicated to serving customers wholeheartedly and promoting eco-friendly and energy-saving products and technologies in both the Chinese and international markets. Hanmero's unique technology and design, integrated with the concept of green ecology, are widely used in the decoration of homes, hotels, offices, schools, and office buildings.  


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